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Body Stories Project.

Movies for inner peace

Movies with Focus
on Your Wellbeing

We are Body Stories Project, a nonprofit of artists with a collective vision that started back in 2020 during the covid-19 lockdown in Mumbai, and today we continue to work on by delivering movies with a focus on emotional healing (healing cinema), defined by us as audiovisual expressions intended to bring peacefulness, awareness and self reflection among our audiences.


We understand the emotional healing as a personal process, and even if this process goes inside a community that supports it, each individual faces their internal fluctuations and transitions in their journey to the frequency of inner peace and joy.

That's why we believe in the power of healing cinema as beautiful reminders of hope, love, togetherness, and our capacities of building a better life, day by day.


In Body Stories Project the movies are the devices that inspire emotional healing by the  intentional, studied and hand picked, combination of all the elements that compounds them: music, scenery, story, acting, light, editing, community.

We are here to create. We are together to channelize the messages that we need to experience in order to become better human beings. We are a non-profit who build together audiovisual expressions for something greater than us: the collective healing that we need so much during these turbulent times.

Profile picture of Mariluz Guerra
Founder, Scriptwriter & Director

Our Core Team

Profile picture of Kathy In-hye Park
Profile picture of Vikas Ramavat
Actor & Voice Over Actor
Profile picture of Naveen Patil
And all the talents who collaborated and are part of the cast and crew of our movies.

Thank you!


We are a collective of artists and a US registered nonprofit.

And now we are fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions to complete our next movie "Body Stories: Marta & Fidel." This means that all donations made to support our campaign may be eligible for tax deductions.


Please indicate the name of the film on the memo line ( Body Stories: Marta & Fidel ) and mail your check to:

From The Heart Productions
1013 Harbor Ave. #53
Oxnard, CA 93035

Please send us an email of confirmation to:


We're now on Allyra with an online campaign for our movie! Donors can support our project and receive awesome rewards as a token of our gratitude.


Every contribution makes a difference!

Enter our webpage now to know more and donate:

By supporting the co-work of independent artists you'll get many happy returns!

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(+57) 313 302 69 17

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