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The body has many stories: physical, emotional, vibrational, spiritual. 


We want to portrait those stories through audiovisual artworks that are conforming the cathartic devices that we, as team, are giving birth.

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All Videos

All Videos
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Body Stories: Together [Short Film Eng - Span SUB]

Body Stories: Together [Short Film Eng - Span SUB]

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Body Stories - Suraj & Julieta [Short film. English - Spanish SUB]

Body Stories - Suraj & Julieta [Short film. English - Spanish SUB]

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The Body Stories Project is an ongoing creation with talents from around the world, building together audiovisual expressions for something greater than us: the collective healing that we need so much during these turbulent times.

We have been making expressions that inspire realizations and healing processes among our audiences.

While working together, we have faced diverse limitations from the technologies, our different time zones, the budget, our schedules and so on. But these, instead of being a blockage in our way, are invitations to keep going and work with what we have at hand.

Until now we have recorded 90% of our short films with smartphone cameras and we can affirm proudly that we always do our best to execute and deliver professional and inspiring artworks.

Body Stories: Marta & Fidel

Join us in bringing "Body Stories: Marta & Fidel" to life!


This captivating film explores the transformative power of music to reunite and change lives. We're in the development stage and need your support to make it happen. Your contribution will fund crucial aspects of production, from scouting locations to compensating our talented team.


Let's inspire and uplift audiences worldwide together. Join our journey and be a part of something truly special.

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⁠In pursuit of their musical dreams, a struggling singer and an anxious producer must overcome personal barriers and trust each other to create a transformative song.

Body Stories Project. Movies for Inner Peace
“The way the movie has carried the emotions is just awesome... Because it is actually the emotions which connect the people together even if the places we all live in are different."

Jackie Jain, India

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