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Mariluz Guerra

Auteur Filmmaker & Founder

Self portrait of Mariluz Guerra with a flower on her hair and looking to the upper left corner

I'm an indigenous Kankuama woman from a small city of Colombia. Valledupar. With really warm weather, cold tap water and late December's seasons of strong winds that inspired my searching through the audiovisual arts.

Through my creative work I can recognize the inner shadows and lights for the inner and outer harmony which is the most important work of each human being. With this paradigm I can share different forms of self and collective expression, always searching for better ways to support changes in the detrimental beliefs of our society. Always towards the light.


May 2023 - Present

Colombia & USA

Auteur Director of 'Body Stories: Marta & Fidel'

Co-writer, co-producer and director of the short film ‘Body Stories: Marta & Fidel’. Currently on its pre-production stage.

Learn More.

May 2021 - Oct 2022


Auteur Director of 'Body Stories: Together'

Script writer, producer, director and editor of the short film ‘Body Stories: Together’. Remotely directed with cast and crew from different parts of the globe. Recorded exclusively with smartphones. We are united towards one message: Hope.

This 29-minutes short film is a 4 times award winner in different film festivals around the world.

Watch the trailer here

Watch the full movie here.

May 2020 - Jan 2021

India - Colombia

Auteur Director of 'Body Stories: Suraj & Julieta'

Script writer, producer, director and editor of the short film ‘Body Stories: Suraj & Julieta’. Recorded
entirely with smartphones, during the lockdown in Mumbai, India due the COVID-19.

Watch the film here.


+57 313 302 6917

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