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Naveen Patil


Naveen wearing sunglasses and looking down

Passionate actor born & brought up in Bangalore, India pursuing acting along with multiple careers.

An avid Sportsman since childhood & an All-India University Medalist in Cricket, he has always had the hunger to learn new skills and pursuing them professionally.


Since his young days Naveen was always fascinated about performance art and its impact on society.

A firm believer in destiny & God’s plan, his Acting career happened in 2019 when he auditioned for KGF Chapter 2 and got his first break. Later Naveen decided to take up acting professionally & did his certification in acting from one of the top Acting Institutes in Mumbai, India and pursuing his acting career.

Naveen is eager to learning opportunities and performing for different Directors in future acting projects.



Various Productions

Naveen Patil worked at diverse teams interpreting various characters: at the feature film 'KGF Chapter 2' (2022), a Pan india Kannada movie, he was a gangster. In 'Body Stories: Together' (2022) he worked as Suraj, following the story of the previous short film. He also performed as the negative lead in the Kannada movie 'Teddy Bear' (2023).


Interpreting the male lead role (Suraj), Naveen could bring his very best to express a range of complex feelings through his character and while working during the lockdown with little resources he worked diligently and with high compromise.


Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares

Naveen successfully completed the Film and Theatre Acting Course in February 2021 at Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares located in Mumbai, India.


+91 9844256664

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