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A Soundtrack for the Soul

Hello Body Stories Community!

Today is a special day for us all as Body Stories Team – the original soundtrack for our latest short film, "Body Stories: Together," is now available! Immerse yourself in these enchanting melodies designed to enhance your moments of study, work or relaxation, during meditation and yoga.

Crafted by the amazing Milo Giraldo, its aim is to resonate with unity and healing, this soundtrack is more than music; it's a companion for your soul's journey. Explore and share the tracks by saving this YouTube Playlist and let the magic unfold in your daily rituals.

Crafted to resonate with the depths of your being, each note carries the essence of the film's message—of shared stories, unity, and the healing power of connection.

Don't forget to watch the official trailer of "Body Stories: Together" here.

Thank you for being part of our cinematic adventure!

With gratitude,

Mariluz Guerra

Founder, Body Stories Project.

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