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Celebrating Success: 'Body Stories: Together' Wins Most Inspirational Movie at Chambal International Film Festival!

We're thrilled to announce that Body Stories: Together has been recognized at the esteemed Chambal International Film Festival, where it received the award for 'Most Inspirational Movie (Short)' in Season 7.

Body Stories Together among CIFF's nominated movies

Our talented actor, Vikas Ramavat, represented our team at the event, receiving the prestigious trophy and certificate. It was an incredible opportunity for him to connect with fellow filmmakers and industry professionals, fostering new collaborations and sharing our collective vision.

Vikas Ramavat pointing at Body Stories Together poster among CIFF selected movies

This recognition adds to the growing list of accolades for our film, which has already garnered four awards at various film festivals. "Body Stories: Together" carries a powerful message of hope and togetherness, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide.

Our trophy for Most Inspirational Movie (Short)

As we prepare for the global premiere on YouTube, we're eager to share this transformative cinematic experience with as many people as possible, spreading the healing power of cinema to communities far and wide. Join us for the premiere and be part of our journey to inspire and uplift hearts across the globe.

YouTube thumbnail of our award winning movie 'Body Stories: Together'

Save the date! (02/24/2024) We invite you to follow this link and turn on the notification button:

All the best,

Body Stories Team.

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