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From Script to Screen: A Glimpse into the Arts Accelerator Live Script Reading Experience for Independent Filmmakers

Actualizado: 26 dic 2023

Embarking on the Arts Accelerator Live Script Reading was an incredible journey for the Body Stories Project team. The experience of seeing a scene from our screenplay "Body Stories: Marta & Fidel" come to life was nothing short of magical. Witnessing talented actors breathe life into our characters and narrative fueled our passion for storytelling.

Actors Daniel Anderson and LH performing a scene from Body Stories: Marta & Fidel in front of the audience.

Actors Daniel Anderson & LH impersonating Fidel & Marta.

All the attendees together after the event.

Photographs by Boris Balaban.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming release of our latest short film, "Body Stories: Together," we invite you to immerse yourself in our cinematic world. Follow our YouTube channel for an intimate look at the film's creation and the stories that unfold within it.

Moreover, we're thrilled to share that Body Stories Project has transitioned into a non-profit organization made by independent filmmakers—Body Stories Project Inc. Your continued support fuels our mission to create healing cinema that inspires, connects, and resonates with audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for updates on our next moves and how you can be a part of this transformative journey.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Body Stories community!

Mariluz Guerra-Ariza

Founder, Body Stories Project Inc.

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