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Celebrating a Season of Giving: Body Stories Project's Transition to a Non-Profit

Hello filmlovers. Hoping this blog post finds you well, I have some great news to share: we are now a legally constituted non profit!

After studying and doing the necessary paperwork in the State of Florida (USA) we are now part of the list of corporations non-for-profit at the government platform Sunbiz.

This significant step aligns with our mission to harness the power of healing cinema and foster meaningful connections within our global community.

As we embrace the spirit of giving during these Christmas festivities, I invite you to be a part of our journey. By supporting Body Stories Project Inc. with your generous donation you may also be eligible for valuable tax returns. Your giving has the potential to make a lasting impact and support our mission to inspire, connect, and heal through the art of storytelling.

Kindly check our current crowdfunding campaign to show your support towards the collective vision of healing cinema. If you have any questions or ideas send me a message to and let me know your thoughts.

Whether through a donation, becoming a patron, or spreading the word, your contribution will help us continue crafting narratives that inspire, heal, and bring us closer together.

Join us in this season of giving, and let's weave stories that resonate with the hearts of many. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

Wishing you a joyful and heartwarming holiday season,

Mariluz Guerra

Founder, Body Stories Project Inc.

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